Saturday, September 17, 2011

# 7 The Headache Hazard

We have this very nice area under our new deck—not very tall—54 inches to be exact—perfect for something—perhaps to store supers.

So, after hubby finished extracting the last of the honey today,

he stacked a few supers in said area

and then he stood up.

. . . Which is why I am wearing a bike helmet and stacking supers under the deck.

Because experience is a good teacher.

However . . .

The good report for the day is that there were no—none—not any at all—wax moths in the supers today. Yay!

Also, my eye is much better. My drops are only every four hours today instead of every half hour.

A little ibuprofen for hubby and he is feeling good.

We just had one small Oops! to add to our growing beekeeping list.

All in all a very successful harvest.

Now we are done with the extracting and almost done cleaning. Yay!

Tonight we will go to the DuPage Beekeeper's Meeting and see how our fellow beekeeper's fared. There are bound to be some good stories.


Rebecca said...

I kind of got a headache by proxie just looking at Bob's head! What a wise precaution you took wearing that helmet, Brenda!

Diana said...

At least you'll of had something to show for your beekeeper tales tonight! I agree with Rebecca, you were using your noggin the proper way with the helmet, Glad everyone is on the mend.
Love Di ♥