Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who makes those up?

My first hubby and I liked to watch Electric Company—before we had kids. We loved Fargo North Decoder, etc.

I think of that show every time I comment on a blog. When I submit, there is usually a word verification. I am not sure how or why those work because the password is right there for you in squiggly letters. The word is not a real word but is almost-a-word.

Bringing me back to The Electric Company from lots of years ago, and this song:

You can make up a word
Just make it up out of your head
And you can decide what you want it to mean
And how, and how it is said.

You can make up a word.
Your own private personal word.
And then all you do id just say it aloud
And your word will be heard.

When you make up a word
And tell what the word’s supposed to do.
Then suddenly there’s a new word in the world
And it came out of you.

I am pretty sure there are some more verses but you have the idea.

So, yesterday, I commented on some blogs and wrote down my word verification words. Yes, these words are exactly as copied but the meanings are just a guess.

waxingie: Something menopausal women do to their chins

fervies: disgusting little brown rodents

vityllyte: Some kind of healthy diet drink

hussere: Oh dear, something not very good comes to mind

wombi: adjective, meaning dizzy, wobbly, sleepy. Ex: In the morning I take a wombi walk out to the coffeepot

: This is one of those southern expressions, a contraction of sorts, meaning something just right. That’s an aptol good looking hat. (Translated: That’s a right, you all, good looking hat.)

misorin: When you ought to give more but you just don’t feel like it, you are misorin.

So who does that? Who makes up the word verification almost-a-word? Don't tell me they are random because they all have vowels and consonants in normal patterns.

I was just wondering?


Diana said...

That is so funny Brenda! I love your definitions, very funny.
I do sometimes look at the verification words and wonder. Sometimes I find that they actually in a weird way, refer to the post itself. That I find very odd.
I do remember the Electric company but not very well. I think I was a teen then and didn't watch too much T.V. at the time.
Love Di ♥

Jacquelyn Stager said...

totally funny Brenda! I was looking on here for your email address. I wanted to tell you about something...can you email me @ Thanks!

Rebecca said...

Reminds me of the Dictionary game or Balderdash! If I didn't know better, I'd think those were real words. Your definitions are quite convincing!

Wanda..... said...

Very funny post, Brenda....I get verification words with essess as part of it quiet often.

Anonymous said...

So funny! Never thought of it this way Brenderta!! Barb

Bernie said...

You have made the verification words fun for me now instead of a bother. Yes I remember the Electric Company, my kids loved that show.....:-)Hugs

Donna's Book Nook said...

What a riot! I totally missed this post--either I just missed it, or I haven't read blogs much lately.

I often wondered why those words work?!