Sunday, March 27, 2011

After a long winter and late spring . . .

For at least four of us, the real reason that we take this annual pilgrimage is not about baseball. We did however see three baseball games and we cheered for our respective Chicago teams and sang loudly during the seventh inning stretch.

Following the game, we were hungry, having passed up the ballpark food in anticipation of steak and salad at a place we read about on the internet: Reatta Pass Steakhouse. Unfortunately hard times have hit the restaurant and so they no longer serve steak or salad. We found the menu to be much like a children’s menu—hamburgers, chicken nuggets, fries, and chili and no salads or fruits. The wait staff was friendly and happy for our business.

Right next to the restaurant was a path leading to an apparently deserted area called Greasewood Flats. We were amazed as we went down the dirt road and around a corner to begin seeing cars—lots of cars and bikes.

We were delighted with our find. Hundreds of people, mostly bikers were hanging out. . .

There was good music, fire pits and we had an opportunity to work off some of our fried dinner. It was great fun—an unusual cultural experience.

We took in a different kind of culture the next morning at the beautiful Scottsdale Art Festival before attending our second baseball game.

Aawww. what can I say . . . I married a good man.

I laughed at the eateries and their creative names. "Short Leash, A hot dog eatery . . . Keep your hunger on a leash.”

And this one—but we were waiting for some yummy food later in the day.

The ribs at the Saddle Ranch Chop House were worth the wait. They more than met all of our hopes and expectations. The desserts looked phenomenal, too, but we did not have room.

We might have had room if we had been brave enough to ride the bull. We were entertained as we watched rider after rider lose their seat.

Sunday before our ballgame, we attended church at Desert Springs Community Church in Goodyear with old friends—well not old friends—just good friends that previously lived in Illinois and attended church with us many years ago. That was a very special treat for all of us! George and Cheri introduced us to Mimi's CafĂ©. Since it was our first visit, each couple was given four beautiful, large, delicious muffins to take with us.

On Monday, we coerced our men into taking us on a hot air balloon ride.

For most of us the anticipation of the ride and doing the ride together as a group and the beauty of all of the balloons made it a special outing.

I thought that the ride would be thrilling and perhaps scary but I am glad that it was not. If you decide to do this, wait until the desert is in bloom as that would be beautiful to see. It was peaceful and pleasant.

And now we are back home. . .

I am so glad that these are not just fair weather friends.


Bernie said...

You all look so happy and content, love seeing you with your friends. I don't think I would take the balloon ride though.....:-)Hugs

Diana said...

What a fun adventure Brenda. I must say my favorite photo of all was of you and your hubby sitting at the Love sign. That was great!
Love Di ♥

Wanda..... said...

Fun outing, seem to have many of them too. I seem to remember a zip line and now hot air balloons...what's next I wonder.

Rebecca said...

My life is SO dull.