Friday, February 11, 2011

This just won’t work . . .

The concept of Valentine’s Day was new, a couple of days ago, to five year old Ryan. I explained that we needed to go and buy some valentines so that he could give one to each person in his class.

Ryan knows that we do not like to spend money unnecessarily and so he suggested that he could make a valentine for everyone.

I explained that would mean a lot of writing to make one for all of his classmates.

Ryan’s response made us smile. He is definitely his daddy’s son.

He said, “Well, I could just write what I want to say and then we could make a chart and everyone could make a mark on the chart by their name after they read it.”

After Ryan went to bed, we chuckled again as Amy and I related the story to his daddy, Andy.

The next morning at breakfast, Andy anxiously asked, “Oh no! Did I miss Valentine’s Day?” Amy and I laughed and assured him that he still had time to observe the day.

It seemed that he was sincere when he said, “Whew! Good! Because I really love all of my family.”

Then he paused, “Please put a check mark after your name when you have read this.”


Rebecca said...

I REALLY love Ryan's thinking! And your Andy is such a blend of you and Dale. I look at him and think "Dale". Then, "No. Brenda!"

♥Happy Valentines Day. Please put a check by this on the chart after you've read it :)

Diana said...

What a cute story and I so miss those Valentine Days with Katie! We always had to make a box for all of the Valentine's the students would receive. It was fun helping her decorate! But those days, sadly, are a thing of the past now.
Love Di ♥

Brenda said...

√ Brenda