Sunday, February 13, 2011

Slowing down? Eat something red!

Andy checked out a book from the library on Eat This Not That! for Kids!. The boys have especially latched on to the designations on pages 12-16 about what kind of Superpowers vegetables and fruits give you—depending on which color they are. Jacob uses the phrases like code words for whatever he would like on his plate at mealtimes.

  • Red food makes you dash like the Flash!
  • Orange foods give you night vision!
  • Yellow foods make you jump higher and play harder!
  • Green foods give you sharp vision and superhuman healing abilities!
  • Blue foods make you the smartest kid in the class!
Jacob loves his Red Fireball shirt and being on a team. In the video, he is the smallest Red Fireball. His number is three. Jakie is particularly into “dash like a flash” foods.

Apparently it works?

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