Monday, July 13, 2009

And together we sipped tea

First of all, let me say that I LOVE little boys! I love all of their energy and boy activities! Each one of my grandsons brings so much happiness, energy and fun to our lives!

Having been the mom of two sons and no daughters, I also delight in little girls and dolls, and dress up and jewelry and princesses and . . . all things pertaining to girls that I never had the joy of experiencing as a mother. Lilly is a delightful combination of tomboy and little girl.

Lilly liked the idea of a tea party. In fact she requested it and asked if we could invite her cousins as well. She was concerned, however, that she might have to wear a dress and hat. I quickly reassured her that as the hostess and she was welcome to dress casually.

Jackson was equally concerned. He wondered if he could help but not actually be part of the tea party. We had plenty of manly jobs that needed doing so he was satisfied as well. Together we decided that Jackson would be chef, photographer, waiter and game organizer.

After addressing those concerns, both kids were totally on board and we got started. Our menu included scones, muffins, graham cracker sandwiches, bogels (bagel holes), strawberry cream cheese, chocolate chips, blueberries and raspberries.

We got busy right after breakfast preparing food.

Jackson had helped Lilly complete a Lego car before breakfast and that novelty also needed to be included in the tea party photos.

Lilly requested that the tea party be held in the family room. She reminded me that we should use a pretty table cloth and have pretty flowers.

Both children set the table properly with napkins and plates and cups. Both Lilly and Jackson had a tea pot to serve the tea and Jackson would take other drink orders if some guests wanted a cold drink as well. Lilly asked to greet and welcome the guests as they arrived. We were so happy to have Morgan’s neighbor and friend, Fionnuala, join us.

The highlight for me were the conversations. Jackson introduced and led a round of Would You Rather? The questions could be funny or serious and each person participated by making up a question—even our two doll guests—Sammy and Julianna—had questions and responses with Morgan and Jessica serving as interpreters. Game rules are that you must choose one of the answers and you must give a reason for your answer.

For example one question was, “Would you rather go Trick or Treating and get lots of candy or go swimming at the beach?” Mostly the answers were, “swimming at the beach” for various reasons such as—“I like getting buried in sand,” or “because my mom would not let me eat much of the candy anyway.” It made me chuckle as Morgan predictibly answered, “Trick or Treating!” because “I love chocolate and I love dressing up in costumes!”

One question that caused quite a lot of giggles was, “Would you rather jump into a lake with sharks in your Sunday clothes or naked?” The answers were logical, such as “Naked—because my mommy would not like my Sunday clothes to get ripped up.” or “Naked—because my clothes would weigh me down and I could not swim as fast to get away ” or “In my Sunday clothes—because I would just feel more protected” or “In my Sunday clothes—because the sharks would have to bite through more stuff before they got to my skin” or “Naked—because I would look more like a baby shark and maybe they would not attack me.”

Our other games were from the
May issue of Family Fun magazine. We played a variation of She Loves It, She Loves It Not, as we removed petals from flowers.

We also played Mrs. Mumbles. To win this game, you need to be able to talk without showing your teeth. That means no laughing — or even smiling — while other players are trying to crack you up. To get started, one person curls her lips tightly over her teeth, turns to the person to her right, and says, "Excuse me, is Mrs. Mumbles home?" The person must reply, in the same tooth-hiding manner, with, "I don't know, let me ask my neighbor ..." She then turns to the person to her right and asks, "Excuse me, is Mrs. Mumbles home?" The question and the answer are passed around the table, as everyone tries hard not to giggle.

Following the tea party, everyone did a craft—Jackson making one for his mom while Grandma cleaned up the kitchen a bit. (I bought paper fans to decorate from
Discount School Supply—12 for $6.99.) While working on the craft, we played “Two truths and a lie.” Again, it was entertaining and intriguing to hear from each child! Absolutely delightful!

As the years pass and you grow up
Framed in memory, I will see
Pinkies extended, sweet hands dainty,
Holding pretend cups of tea.

On the small chairs by the table
Girls and Jackson full of glee
Giggles and laughter of the moment
Oh, God's precious gift to me!

If I live to be a hundred
I shall never richer be
Then when I shared your dazzling presence
And together we sipped tea.

Adapted from Tea for Three by Lee Scott


Wanda said... have me in tears brought back for me sooo many memories of tea parties with my 6 older grandchildren all's just Alivia and I doing them now...Andrew and Dylan still explore the woods with me though...I'm sure you're aware how fast they grow...I was...but I'm warning still goes by way too quickly!
I smiled at your similar to ours of:
orange scones, muffins, (graham cracker peanut butter and icing sandwiches), smores, bagels and cream cheese, apples, grapes and blueberries.

We had "fear factor" parties too...introducing them to many new foods like couscous, or being blind folded and having to taste or smell to identify things like water soaked pretzel logs(they have a soft firm feel) and different spices.

I cooked with all of them too, plus word and board games, dot to dot also.

Sorry so lengthy...but I could go on and on...Grandchildren give you special memories at all have even MORE to look forward to Brenda...:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda...I popped over here from Wanda's blog. I am a former beekeeper's daughter...and am now a retired school teacher.) I enjoyed reading your post on your blog, and I hope you don't mind my following you. You have a lovely family.
Smiles from Jackie

Kaplan Tutoring said...

Brenda - we love your idea of preparing a summer tea party with so many fun games! We've been blogging about fun summer activities for kids too and look forward to hearing more of your adventures!

Jacquelyn said...

What a lovely blog...I know exactly what you are saying about finally being able to do girly things after raising boys. I also have two (now grown up) sons...the Lord blessed me with my first grandchild being a girl, and get to see her almost every day. I joke about how I had to wait 26 years for one! I love my 3 grandsons and enjoy life's "reruns" of experiencing little boy things all over again, but my granddaughter and I have a very special relationship and our personalities really "click". She is only 3 1/2 but I can't wait to do our first tea party! Loved all your pictures!

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I'm speechless - with wonder and delight.

Brenda said...

Dear Wanda,
Thanks for your sweet note! It was fun to see that your tea party menu is along the same lines! What a great idea for a "fear factor" party! I definitely need to host one of those! We do have a few picky eaters!! I tell the grandkids--please don't grow up so fast--just stop for a bit!

Brenda said...


I am honored that you decided to follow my blog. That is so fun that you were a beekeeper's daughter. I hope you have found a good source of honey now--or is your dad still beekeeping? There is such a difference in taste! I was a school teacher as well--now retired--although I signed up as a volunteer tutor this starting in August. Whew the summer is going too quickly!

Brenda said...

Dear Kaplan Tutoring,

So nice of you to stop by. I will check out your blog as I will soon be a volunteer tutor with Hispanic children. It has been awhile since I have worked with the younger grades.

Kaplan Tutoring said...

Brenda -

That's very exciting! Where are you volunteering?

If it's soon this summer and they're looking for a fun academic program, we're still enrolling students in our free Summer Reading Club.

Also, if you'd like a closer look at our curriculum for younger grades, we have online sample lessons of our K-8 curriculum on our website at

Let us know how it goes and if we can help!