Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sports Report

The Big Man is Jacob, a basketball machine. Here is a video of him at home shooting baskets but not a typical video. Usually his routine is to chew gum and play music loudly on the boom box while shooting baskets. This week his music of choice was one of the Casting Crowns cds. Of course he must always be dressed appropriately. His field goal percentage must be somewhere around .899 or better!

Unfortunately, my second video doesn't show as much as I had hoped. I allowed Allie to use my camera to look at photos and videos and did not realize that as she pushed the buttons, she was deleting videos and pictures. I will pay more attention next time. At his game, Jacob did some cute little lay ups. The hoops are at 6 feet for his league.

Speaking of Allie, oh my! She has become such a little toddler since I saw her in November! She HAS to do everything that her brothers are doing and does not want to be left out for a minute. I cracked up at her shooting baskets like Jacob. Allie is very opinionated about clothing! She wanted to wear a "ball" shirt (Jocob's hand-me-downs) everyday.

Here are some Allie-oops with an assist from Ryan.

Ryan has improved in basketball. He guards really well, with his arms up but looking for the ball. He tries to rebound, also. It was fun to see him try to make baskets. He will soon be making his shots. He does great with the six foot hoops but the eight foot hoops are a bit of a challenge. At practice though, he made six baskets. The first video is of Ryan passing the ball inbound.

This video shows Ryan taking a shot at the basket.

You have a phenomenal team! I am a die-hard fan!


Rebecca said...

I WONDERED where you'd been?!? Now I see :)

So wonderful to see (and be seen) through grandmothers' eyes...

Diana said...

I loved how Ryan helped Allie shoot the hoop! How sweet was that?!
When my daughter Ginny was in Basketball, I was always on the edge of my seat! So much so that when I was carrying Katie, I wasn't allowed to go to her games!! I was on bed rest at the time and it broke my heart not to see her play! You can be sure if my grandkids are in basketball, I will go!!
Love Di ♥

Dee said...

I love the videos Brenda. So happy you got to spend time with does a soul good.