Friday, August 13, 2010

The Unofficial Report

Officially, the Gisel Girl Cousins have gathered for a few days every summer for ten years. In July, we had an unofficial Gisel Girl Cousin gathering.

Unofficial because . . .
  • We had no rules. (.i.e. Men cannot attend—although men do not want to come.)
  • We could not have 100% attendance because of some health issues.
  • No one was in charge--really--believe it or not.
  • We had no meal plan, when or where to eat--which is always disconcerting for a Gisel.

Unofficial because . . .

  • There was no Box. It's a long story maybe sometime for another post.
  • No Welcoming Reception
  • No Closing Ceremony
  • No one brought hostess gifts for anyone . . . except some gifts, I think, for the birthday girls, of course.
Next summer we are going to have one last official girl cousin gathering but scaled down—no songs, no gifts but one more Box Review. The pressure was just getting too intense and such a burden—especially planning a welcoming song and a surprise for The Box.

Ten of the girl cousins were teachers. I say were because all teachers except for the baby girl of the family are now retired.

Pretty much, all teachers are creative—it is required and goes with the profession. School teachers are also accustomed to having their own way and find retirement is even more empowering. Last year, our retired school teacher cousins demanded “No more creative traditions.”

Thus this year we went totally cold turkey and then next year after an official retiring of The Box all of the official gatherings will officially become unofficial.

It’s all good though. Unofficially, we talked and walked and laughed and got caught up on what was happening.

We learned and we were encouraged and challenged.

We posed for photos. We ate well.

We could not have planned for the concert at the Governor's Mansion. The Troubadours, an acapella singing group, were excellent.

And sister, Lou, much to her chagrin and the enjoyment of the cousins was specially serenaded.

Unofficially, I would venture to say that this gathering was a great success.

Without an actual straw poll, I’d speculate officially, that the future of the Gisel Girl Gatherings is very strong.


Bernie said...

Brenda, I love how you and your family are so close and always manage a get together. Many families could learn a few things from you guys, I think it is wonderful, thought the photos were great, it's so nice to see Donna and you......:-) Hugs

Mummy McTavish said...

Sounds like so much fun! I remember your post from last year. I love girly gatherings.

Wanda..... said...

It appears that Abe's nose gets rubbed a LOT! Unofficial gatherings are just as fun, maybe more relaxing! Some things do run their course and change can be good.

Donna's Book Nook said...

If you want to start an "official" poll, I certainly hope we continue to meet unofficially for as long as possible. Great post!

Dee said...

Such a fun group...You have made a lot of good memories...but all things must come to an end...or do they? :)

Diana said...

It seems that you all had a wonderful time Brenda! And such a fun place to meet. I had difficulty reaching Abe's nose! What a wonderful tradition! Love Di ♥

Jacquelyn Stager said...

I read this before but neglected to comment. What a great time you all had! I recognize that you are in Springfield...We haven't been there since the Lincoln center was completed, and I really want to go back! We stayed in a victorian B&B within view of the Lincoln home. This brings back memories as we took my parents on the last trip dad was a real history buff.