Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Here I am again . . . a day late and a dollar short

I was looking through my spring photos. There are several birthday and celebrity celebration photos.

When these relatives become famous, I could exploit them by selling these photos as “never before seen.”

On the other hand, these are such happy days. Lest they fall into oblivion, it is worth posting them now— for posterity.

There were 8th grade graduations
of Grif and Steven.

Grandparents Day with Seamus

and Hale

Morgan’s 12th birthday

Ryan’s 5th birthday

with a jungle theme--sort of . . .

and a special birthday for Kathi

Morgan and Jessica came to help decorate.
We tried to do a movie theme.
My favorite decorations were the black and white pictures
that had ribbon that looked like a movie reel.

I collected and videoed friends and family recording 50 memories.
They were sweet and funny.

After dinner, we watched the DVD together
15 minutes at a time.
Then 5 or 6 gifts were opened and then more DVD
until we were finished.
We topped the evening with birthday cake and lots of candles.

Kathi’s gifts included:

a flag with 50 stars
50 dog treats
50 gold one dollar pieces
50 pink napkins
50 little seedling plants
50 quart size plastic bags for airplane travel
50 notecards
50 packs of chewing gum
50 pieces of assorted wrapping paper
and more things that I cannot remember.

This was more than a birthday celebration.
It was a special family evening for all of us.

I won’t tell what year Kathi was celebrating.
Some things should be kept a secret.


Wanda said...

Fun Family post Brenda, with graduations and birthdays. Gifts for Kathi with a 50's theme... I wonder what that might mean! :)

Mummy McTavish said...

SO MUCH FUN! You have been having a busy few months.

Rebecca said...

What a great idea for a 50th birthday party! Oops. Did I let the cat out of the bag?

Donna's Book Nook said...

What a great job of sharing some of the recent events going on in your "river-raft" life. Sounds like Kathy's party was very special.

Mom/Barb said...

You are so blessed as are your Grand kids!!