Friday, April 23, 2010

RE: Training Wheels

Oh my goodness, this was such fun!

There was certainly lots of nostalgia
watching my son teach his son
to ride bike without training wheels.

There was a moment of sadness as I wished Andy’s daddy,
my first husband, could have been there to enjoy
watching our son teach his son . . .

At the same time, it was exhilarating!

I am sure moms,
even some aunts and uncles,
and some neighbors and friends

can relate to the joy of this experience.

When the training wheels come off . . .
What fun to watch the transformation in confidence.

Ryan had just started riding bike and

had started by himself on the driveway
two times
before he asked,
“Could I ride to the park? by myself?"

"I can watch for cars.”

Oh, my goodness, is it a genetic trait?
Nah, just human nature, I think.
As soon as we begin to learn,
we want to take off . . . independently.

Fast forward slightly and Ryan will be saying,
“Dad, can I take the car to _____ ? By myself?

Yes, a lesson in trust and faith in our Father.

Now all glory to God,
who is able to keep you from falling away
and will bring you with great joy
into his glorious presence
without a single fault.

Jude 1:24



Bernie said...

Okay so I have to admit to a few tears....I loved this post....Hugs

Donna's Book Nook said...

How sweet it is to see more and more independence--also a bit sad, as he'll be grown before you know it. I didn't know there was a song about training wheels.

Dee said...

My grandma's heart feels just like yours. So sweet!

Mom/Barb said...

Oh my goodness - how sweet! You will be so glad you documented this! He and his parents will love watching it!

Diana said...

How sweet Brenda! Before you know it the drivers permit will come! I'd like to know how you get the music to play with the video? Love Di ♥

Brenda said...

Hi Diana,

I just discovered a program that comes with Windows called, Windows Movie Maker. It is very easy to use and I have been having lots of fun with it. The hardest part about putting music in the movie is getting your music in an MP3 format. If I buy a song from itunes, I have to burn the song to a CD then I have to import the CD so that I can save the song in an MP3 format. I have taught several people how to use Movie Maker. I wish you were close enough to run over and I'd have you playing with it in a half hour. However, I just learned to use it on my own. Give it a try and email me with questions.

BTW, I love that song about the training wheels. It is on an album called Meltdown by Justin Roberts. The song is called, "Taking Off My Training Wheels."

Rebecca said...

I watched it twice - and he's not my grandson! (We DID get to watch a few of our learn.....) I especially liked all the "warm up" conversation at the beginning :)

Oh, I "happened" to be in Archbold yesterday. I didn't realize it, but Cornie's funeral was in the morning, so I attended with my parents (Dad had a small part in the service.) Saw Carol and tried to remember our "team" -Roger A. Stan N. John Lehman, you, Carol, me, and I THINK a girl named Jean (?) from you remember her?

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Hi Brenda, and thanks for commenting over at my place today. I couldn't view your movie for some reason (it said to try later)...but I loved the post. My younger son is teaching his daughter to ride. She has a crash helmet though; he never did! I think one of the hardest things I ever had to hand back to the Lord was my anxiety the first time I stood at the window and watch my older son, then 16 and a brand new licensed driver, pull out the driveway with our younger son, then 12, as his passenger. My choice was to either stand there and literally die, or breathe in God's peace. I sure can relate to your post today!