Wednesday, December 9, 2009

That's too far . . .

Tomorrow, our guests will have been with us for eight weeks.

They have helped us see things from new perspectives.

They have brought us great joy.

Tomorrow, they officially move to their own home ten minutes from our home.

We wish that they were moving next door.


Wanda said...

Hi Brenda...What joy you have been experiencing...having the two little ones there helping prepare for Christmas and watching them play in snow! The hihglights of childhood and winter.

Ten minutes away is better than 10 hours away! I'm sure it's exciting for the parents, moving in time for a first Christmas in their new home.

Enjoy the season!

Donna's Book Nook said...

Very cute little guys! You may be able to get back to a bit of normalcy. I'm sure they appreciate all you've done to help.

Rebecca said...

The house will be quiet. You have been most gracious. I know the Lord continues to bless you both because of your generosity.

Bernie said...

Oh Brenda you are so blessed to have had them with you and knowing they will only be 10 minutes away is another blessing for sure. The kids are soooooo cute. I hope you have a wonderful weekend...:-) Hugs

Dee said...

I love the snow man picture.:) Ten minutes away is very doable and i see many happy visits in your future. How do they feel about the move?