Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thirteen! Totally Fun!

It was great to spend a "Grandma Day" with Grif!

He rated our movie from last night, Monsters vs. Aliens
as a B-. “Some funny parts but too silly.“

He looks like he is being spoiled but a 13th birthday is a big deal!

Legoland got a 3 out of 4. “Geared for younger kids but still really fun to see the Lego creations.” We were particularly impressed with the Chicago room.

The taller one is Grif. The shorter one is Harry Potter.

Hmm? Can Grandma resist this expression?

Other favorites?
Restaurant: On the Border
Snack: Razzmatazz smoothie

He is quite pleased and I am impressed with how well his black and gold duffle bag turned out that he made in Home Economics at school.

Today in the car going to Legoland, I told Grif to put his cell phone number in my address book. He was glad to oblige. While filling in the information, he asked, “Can I put in a title?”

“Of course,” I responded.

I chuckled a bit later when I saw that his name comes up, “The Genius, Grif . . .”

“Grif, did I ever tell you that when I was around eleven years old, I used to sometimes sign my name, B.B. for Brainy Brenda? I have a letter that I wrote at that time to my brother-in-law (before he was my BIL) signed that way.”

Grif responded, “That is hilarious!”

I agree!

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Rebecca said...

I like the name "Grif"!

Hey, I got your comment re. pennies. That's neat - "pray for one sent"....

I figured out 3 column format; now can't figure out why my sidebar headings got so large (and the dates of posts, etc.)

This is GREAT fun!